Chinatown meets Chinatown

For all of you who haven’t been to the Big Apple before (translation: NYC) and haven’t gone to Chinatown, the streets are lined with shops that sell nice designer bags, high-quality, a lot of them, and the best part…for a much lower price.

Well this lower price isn’t because the bags aren’t scented with designer cologne, have three spotlights on them, and have fourteen sales ladies with slight New York twangs trying to sell them to you. This is because they are knock-offs.

This is just how Chinatown works and that’s why everyone loves the place! (There are obviously other reasons…like food, culture…..but pretend like I just made a true statement).

Well in the REAL Chinatown, I wouldn’t expect this to happen. I just thought selling knock-off brands was a trend indicative of big city’s Chinatowns. I also thought that there were knock-off devices like computers, iPads, and ummm…I don’t know….THE APPLE WATCH.

Well I thought wrong on both of these points.

After Apple’s iWatch preview in Hong Kong months before its release that will happen in April 2015, the place was quiet. People came in to the Apple store the day of the preview…to buy iPads…or casually buy a new iPod nano..

They seemed unimpressed.

This may be because the Chinese have been manufacturing and selling the knock-off version of the iWatch.

It is 360 yuan, which is equivalent to $58 (1/8 the price of a real one). It came on sale in mid-March and have been consistently sold out.

One of the versions has a SIM card, can send text-messages, make calls, take pictures, and go on the internet.

Some people like the knock-off brand saying that it does basically the same thing. They also don’t really value the iWatch because “none of their friends have them” and their price is not worth their value in their lives.

Meanwhile, those who don’t want the knock-off iWatch say that it doesn’t work very well and why not spend that much more if you want a device that actually works well.

The point is, as of now, the iWatch isn’t popular…and the Chinese recognize that they shouldn’t waster their time buying the gadget for its full price if they aren’t going to use it at the moment.

What do you all think? Would you want to buy the fake iWatch at a Chinatown near you?

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