Emojis have taken over the way we communicate. Ever since they were invented, they replaced the classic emoticons made with a series of : and ). This evolved over our beloved aim chats.

Emojis are a way to spice up a conversation, replacing full sentences, or just convey an interpreted emotion.

That being said, users complained that in the emoji section there was not much racial diversity, their flags weren’t there, and it didn’t include same-sex families.

There are a range of Apple device icons like the iWatch and are now 32 countries’ flags that come with the new ios 8.3 update.

This is only an update on the sacred emoji keyboard that already exists, however it also shows that technology without a doubt evolves with the times.

The fact that there’s same sex couple emojis and increased diversity welcome a culture of equality and changing technology.

What do you all think about this update? Do you think this keyboard change has any societal impact at all? Or is it the emoji creators just trying to promote their product?

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