Facebook…and its Plan for World Domination

After reading an article that I was assigned for my class, I immediately sprung to the realization of, “HEY, I’ve blogged about this before!!”

Yes my dedicated fans and readers, this article was on Facebook’s intentions is the Oculus Rift. SO we can pick up where I left off in my previous post: https://talagoudarzi.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/the-virtual-reality-of-it-all/

Yes folks, Facebook’s overlord, Mark Zuckerberg bought the virtual reality device company, Oculus VR for $2 billion.

Now when I wrote my blog post in February, Zuckerberg’s intentions were only briefly mentioned. The article on the device itself just explained the obvious potential he saw in the product.

However this article (http://www.fastcodesign.com/3044350/facebooks-10-year-plan-to-become-the-matrix?ncid=newsltushpmg00000003) elaborated on Zuckerberg’s scheme….to create the Facebook Matrix.

His goal, aka the company’s goal, is not to merely create a platform where users can like posts, share videos, and upload picture albums, but it is to turn all these aspects of daily life into a virtual reality.

Michael Abrash, the head guy in creating the Oculus Rift, says that Facebook has been planning this virtual reality demise for years now based on three pieces of evidence:

1. It developed Parse, which is a platform that through just figuring out a small code, Internet developers can tap into the entire Internet’s ecosystem.

2. It discovered an “algorithm” that can identify and track numerous sports games happening at the same time.

3. Facebook, aka Abrash, has already come up with ideas to modify and transform the Oculus Rift’s realm of possibilities. Currently and originally, the device was meant for video games, however Abrash perceives that the Rift will be used to complete every day tasks through the goggles…like taking a physical picture while snorkeling through virtual reality:


Basically, the conclusion of the article is Facebook wishes to trap us within its walls. It’s no longer a matter of logging onto Facebook, getting lost for a couple of hours in its world, and then logging off to return to reality.

Now, the user can never log off….muahahahha.

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