The Bracket Game.

So I have never been in to the online bracket game. I admittedly know nothing about basketball. I’m that random girl that is paying more attention to the songs playing at half-time than the actual game. That being said, it is not surprising that I have never filled out the online NCAA bracket.

My family had never really been into it either. My brother was the online exception, my 14-year-old sister (well that would be a little weird if she was into that), my mom… not a chance, and my dad just talked smack about all the teams throughout the entire tournament.

However, I came home this Easter to find out that the only one to not fill out a bracket this year was me.

The point is that this NCAA bracket that everyone fills out every year has become not just a fun little gamble game that every other person fills out, creating a competition with their office. Little girls are doing it (again aka my sister) and people are thus glued to their phones, their iPads, the TV, and ANYTHING to broadcast the game.

Over 6o million of people fill out brackets now. Filling out this bracket has become a natural “social norm.”

An entire industry has arisen from the ashes. There are online courses, analysis websites….the whole 9-yards.
Its gotten to a point where even the president plays it!
This bracket phenomenon is just an example how little games and competitions like this can start and quickly form on the internet. With the power of technology and social media, people can compete against each other from opposite sides of the world. It has spawn new online businesses to aid the participants, it has helped the NCAA tournament, and it has attracted attention to college basketball from around the world.
What other social media trends or competitions do you know of that have this sort of widespread power? What do you think this says about online competitions and what kind of social power do you think this has?

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