Keeping up with the Kreatures


Last night, Easter Eve, I tossed and turned. How could I sleep when the Easter Bunny was coming that night?

I had the same chronic problem every year, specifically on Christmas and Easter Eve….and somewhat the eve in which I would lose a tooth back in the day.

Well when I was growing up, there was no way of telling that if I woke up in the middle of the night, the presents would be there or not.

I never dared to venture downstairs because my mom always warned me that if I did, my presents would “magically disappear.”

HOWEVER, in 2009, children of the internet era rejoiced, for there was a way in which to see when Santa and the Easter Bunny came along…and that was the NORAD Santa Tracker and the Easter Bunny Tracker.

This approximated when the Easter Bunny and Santa came to town. It tracked when both left their point of residence (aka the North Pole, and where ever the Easter Bunny lives) and came by your town.


Yes. Both of my men Santa and the Easter Bunny aren’t real. Yes. I cried myself to sleep every holiday eve after this. However my dark past is not the point. The point is the internet culture that has taken over our holidays.

Now tracking Santa and the Easter Bunny on a device called a GPS (not a roadside map like the olden days) has become a normalcy.

Each generation continues to adapt to the internet technology of its time. This happens to much so that it embeds itself in the inner cultures and traditions of families.

Who knows what new technology or website gadget will become apart of our kids Easter.

But I’m just going to get back to eating my Easter candy and start looking at the Easter Bunny tracker to approximate when he’s coming next year.


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