Are You an APRIL FOOL?

I came back to my room at 1 am last night from a long night at the library.

I proceeded in going through my normal “coming home” routine, where exhausted, I threw down my book bag and went to turn on the water to jump in the shower…however when I went into my bathroom, the shower curtain was closed…and the toilet seat down. *Cue Jaws theme song*

None of which are ever a normal occurrence. I slowly opened the shower curtain to find this:


Yes. I screamed. Yes, I immediately proceeded to attempt to pee my pants. However, when I went to lift the toilet seat up, I found this:


Well. Luckily I removed it. So save your horror for the site of your strange uncle’s girlfriend’s introduction at Easter Lunch Sunday.

Finally, tired from the long day, studying, and emotional torture I was victim of, I went to get in bed. I pulled back the covers to find…..this:


(attached to the bear I sleep with…..sadly that’s not an April Fools’ joke)

Anyways, I just recanted my humiliation because I wanted to reflect my personal story before telling you how the media/websites attempted to prank people.

CNN wrote an article entitled: April Fools’ Day 2015: The best and worst pranks from around the Web: ( )

Now I’m not going to tell you all 18 things websites did, but I will describe a couple of my favorites.

Petco released their Selfie Stick for dogs and cats that can be activated with a bark or a meow, Cottenelle “finally” created toilet paper for left-handed people, and GoogleMaps turned city streets into PacMan mazes.

Anyways, knock yourselves out, but I just thought it was refreshing to know that the invisible men that create the content we look at everyday through our computer screens have a sense of humor.

It just goes to show that even though technology is progressing, we should never forget that there’s humans behind every robot, computer, and shopping website.


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