Wear Yellow for Seth

I’m not sure if you all saw the “world snap story” of Wear Yellow for Seth, but basically the story featured a young boy, Seth Lane holding up posters asking viewers to wear yellow in order to raise awareness for his disorder: severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID).

Quickly the world caught on and SnapChat users were able to immediately catch on, spread the world, and view the results from their smartphone.

This entire action was the first story, or at least the first I’ve seen, using the trending My Story to raise awareness or attract charitable attention. Usually it covers big worldly events like Spring Break, Mardi Gras, Holy Moly, etc.

I think this incident shows the brilliance of the trending story feature.

Not only can it be used to expose and include all in one event around the world, but now can quickly gain attention for things like this.

Will SnapChat become the new hub to quickly communicate with people just through pictures and video? Is this the new mode of communication and will it be used for more serious matters rather than sending an alarmingly hideous picture to your friend?

All I have to say is hats off to SnapChat. As Facebook has bought the Oculus Rift and adapted a Venmo like feature, SnapChat (who refused to be bought by Facebook) is keeping up with the game.


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