Penne Pasta: Pronounced Pen-Ay, PEN-eh, or Pen?

When I first got my iPhone, aka 4 years ago, I thought it was hilarious to have a British Siri voice instead of the generic American one. I guess I thought I was “hip” and “kewl.”

Most of the time when I asked Siri where the closed Harris Teeter or beach was, my British assistant had no problem. However one day when I asked Siri:

“What is the answer to 2+2?” (the question wasn’t this basic, but it included the word “answer” in it)

Siri had no idea what I was talking about. I repeated myself a thousand times, yelling into the microphone, putting the bottom of the phone into my mouth….etc. Finally I decided to just pronounce the word “answer” in a British accent. And there ya have it! IT’S THAT EASY.

Siri, our beloved smartphone assistant, has been programmed to answer our questions and needs based on our standard accents. But what happens when you have a mixed accent? Or you have an accent from Montevideo…..of which, I’m sure you guys can guess, there isn’t a robot for Montevideoians…..sorry Montevideo.

This is an improvement we can anticipate for the future. Everyone thinks of robots when they think of the future, and as Siri is our most well known robot, we can believe his/her speech impediment will eventually improve.

The future for Siri and robots in general are assistants that can actually help us multi-task.

We always are talking about the future being when technology adapts itself to us. It thinks for us and molds to our daily lives. Siri and other robots will aid us in this. They will actually be able to multi-task. So yes everyone, there will be more of Tala to finally go around 😉 (forget the fact that I just referred to myself in third person).

Siri will no longer malfunction because of its standard programmed accents, I won’t have to scream into Siri’s ears like we all have to do sometimes to our 80 year old grandpas.

So let’s not forget about the robots. They still live, breath, and beep among us…and I have no doubt that they’ll be there in the future.

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