The Book of Faces…

After reading Morgan’s blog post,, regarding the digitally of pictures and the photo albums’ transition, it made me think about a particular conversation I had with my friends just a couple of weeks ago.

I agree with Morgan’s point that eventually pictures will only be shared digitally, but I think that Facebook will be the chief source of this….and this is what “said friend conversation” was about.

The ever so enthralling conversation went a little something like:

Friend: “Oh wow! I have pictures on here from 8 million years ago (because that’s realistic….and I’m not exaggerating at all).”

Me: “Yea, so embarrassing. I have pictures on there from an 8th grade ice cream party. But I don’t want to delete them, just in case my iPhoto was to self-obstruct someday.”

Friend: “You’re so right Tala. I worship you. You are the greatest person in all the land.”

True Story. And yes, apparently my friend talks like a person from medieval times (both those of the actual historic era and the Myrtle Beach production).

But what we can learn from this true story is that Facebook has become the new photo album storage center.

Through settings, I can manage whether I want my parents, aunts, aunts’ friends, myself or all of the above to see my specific albums.

Why not store them on iPhoto or flash-drive? Because just as Morgan explained that her physical picture albums could be burned, so could her computer just as easily malfunction. Same with any solitary other device…like your smartphone etc.

But when pictures are saved to Facebook, you can log on anywhere and find your beloved pictures.

It also makes more sense to save them to a social media portal, aka specifically Facebook, because they are easily accessible. Where do you want to share pictures to others? Your profile and at the MOST through email, in which case you copy and paste the picture, and move it from one tab on your browser to the next.

Moral of the story is: Today our modern day photo-album is Facebook. Now whether this remains consistent within the next couple of years is debatable, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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