Thank you for the Thank You Note

So throughout our young lives, we all know the drill after a birthday party, quincenera, or bar mitzvah. We keep a mental note or more realistically, it’s our moms that sit in a corner with their monogramed stationary keeping a list of every present we open. This process is for the amounted event of “thank you note” writing.

That thank you note that the gifter receives, smiles, and throws it away…not surprised at all, but satisfied that the presentee was polite enough to write one.

However as technology progresses and things like radio, CD buying, television, etc… know, everything we see morph before our eyes…..can expect (I guess) thank you note writing to change as well?

There is an online website called Zazzle that is one of the last websites to revolutionize the actual card. No longer do you have to go to Hallmark to look for a card to somewhat summarize what you want to say. You can put a picture of yourself, write your own message, and then have it printed.

But what about the actual card form?

Thank you notes come on the internet. One can send evites. Or thank you “messages” through email, text, or Facebook chat.

I wonder if soon, thank you notes will become obsolete. Will people, like everything else, transform the cards to the virtual world. Will this process continue? Will our childrens’ birthday parties include this “thank you” process I described?

What do you think?

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