Improving Your SnapChat Game

So I’m not going to say I found these tricks out myself. I got them from this nifty little site called Business Insider.

The article was named “16 Tips and Tricks that Will Take Your SnapChatGame to the Next Level,” but I knew 13 out of the 16 so that’s a pretty good score right?

Anyways my mind was blown at some of the tricks, so I thought I might attempt to blow your mind too.

1. Other people can add you as a friend by pointing their phone toward the little ghost in the center of your screen and tapping the screen. No longer do you have to ask your friend to repeat their random SnapChat name that they don’t even know themselves, or in fact make no sense (but they think they’re hilarious).

2. I’ve always wondered why the color palette has all the colors Roy G. Biv owns, but doesn’t have the simple black and white. BUT now I shall wonder no longer.

– Black= Touch color palette and drag finger to the bottom of the screen.

– White= Touch color palette and drag finger to the top left of the screen.

and there you have it….it’s that easy.


3. I wish the “best friends” component was something that was coming back, but apparently by popular demand…IT IS…so HUZZAH!!!

Now I know, after talking to a couple of my friends, that most knew about this black and white feature… I’m just “out of the loop” apparently. However, this then brought up the question about what SnapChat could do in the future just with its artistic component.

On top of the filters and geotags SnapChat has now, maybe they could buy or partner with Apple in taking their motion filters on Photo Booth. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. The hours we spent pretending we were on a roller coaster, or the cloud background we vandalized the apple computers with in the Apple Store.

It would also be interesting if they did, or again partnered with the Draw Something app that was cool for a while. The one where you draw something, but others try and guess what it is. With this they could apply all the components of Window’s Paint. There could be different brushes, with different textures like felt, airbrush, pencil (and change the thickness) etc.

If SnapChat makes these changes, could it be timeless?

I just wonder where the future of SnapChat is headed. Will it die out like Draw Something? Or will it continue to stay alive with new add-ons like the new News feature it has.

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