To Connect or to Disconnect…that is the Question

For last week’s “snow day,” my friends and I played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, and for the grand finale…watched Sleepless in Seattle.

I had seen the classic before, but my friends hadn’t. So of course (CAUTION SPOILER ALERT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) I was subtly trying to brace them for when Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks and little boy actor I don’t know on the top of the Empire State Building.

It was then that I noticed:

First, how did my friends not know that Meg Ryan is going to be there….like that would be a complete waste of a climax and just a movie in general.

But second: After watching two people romantically fall in love by just receiving some letters and simply being in the right place at the right time, it made me think….has technology removed us from the moment?

I think to some extent the answer is without a doubt…yes.

On a date….not that I’ve been on many HA…the girl couldn’t pick up her phone and pretend to text when her date went up to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t scroll through Instagram when waiting outside the movie theater for him to arrive. The guy couldn’t check ESPN at traffic lights. Both wouldn’t worry about sending snaps of the concert they were at, or telling their friends when they were coming home/making plans, or zoning out when a physical person is talking to them because their texting, or getting in car accidents, or being distracted, OR JUST MISSING a moment!

Of course phones, the internet, etc. have more pros than cons, but it’s important that we look at one of the main cons.

We have to know when to use our technology to enhance life, and when to enhance life by just living. 

There’s nothing we can do to prevent the way we use phones and technological devices because they are now imbedded in our everyday lives. But we can acknowledge and be cautious in how we use them.

We can’t replace physical people with virtual communication. We can’t erase the one-on-one, basic social skills that make the world-go-round.

If we live in a society where we live through social media, text messages, and the internet (basically everything virtual) then why not just be a SIMs character in that terrible computer game we all played in 1998-2003?

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