“John Ostrovsky hopes to translate his smartphone success onto the small screen, perhaps becoming emblematic of the social-media star-making system whereby pop culture figures on social media find crossover success in Hollywood,” NY Times writer Bee Shapiro writes in September 2014.

You may know John Ostrovsky by his stage name: The Fat Jewish (known for his vulgar and random humor on social media.)

And yes. This 200 lbs man that sports a braid that sticks straight out of his head seeks to be the Hollywood equivalent for users on Instagram.

Ostrovsky has done work with other comedic platforms, like Comedy Central, however he thrives off of just posting pictures of pop-culture parodies and X-rated jokes. However at the end of the day he is a normal (well I wouldn’t say normal based on his daily life-style and physical appearance) guy who puts up funny pictures just for the double-tap…….or is it just for the double- tap?

Judging from the quote above, The Fat Jewish may seem like he’s this random man that he’s clearly portrayed himself as. However, as he said, he basically hopes to turn his Instagram account into a platform that upcoming famous people (whether they be “Insta-famous,” singers, or actors) can become famous on. He seeks to essentially “launch” their carrier.

This idea is not only revolutionary for Mr. Jewish himself, but also for the social media world.

Do average Instagram users (aka you and me….except we of course are extraordinary….not average) have the power to launch peoples’ careers? Can our pages become so special and legitimate that everyone wants to be apart of it?

Well first, I guess we watch @thefatjewish’s next move for the answer.

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