“But First….Let Me Take A Selfie.”

We all knew the term “selfie” was legit when The Chainsmoker’s “#SELFIE” song came out.

We also knew the term was legit when it graduated to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary: an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.

And then we REALLY backed up the term when we created gadgets geared towards it….aka the Selfie Stick.

So what does it mean that our culture has recently involved taking a camera, that was originally intended to take pictures of everyone but the photographer, and reversing its traditional footage?

It means that this revolutionary task has single-handedly championed the Narcissistic Generation.

Media culture first began with sit-coms and TV shows where the “ideal daily life” of individuals was showcased. People could relate to these normal people, laugh, cry, and sympathize with the Brady Bunch, Friends, and even the Adams Family.

Then there was the reality TV age, where the idea of a “TV show” went out the window, and people could see into the lives of real people, with the exact problems they had.

However now with the selfie, we have been able to showcase our own lives. We can be the stars of our own Jersey Shore or the Kardashians. We can put up a picture on Instagram, video on SnapChat, or personal story (as often moms or some politically frustrated users are guilty of) on Facebook.

By doing this. we have personalized, and focused our media on ourselves. We can create a SnapChat story on our lives, or whatever sequence of events we think everyone will enjoy. We take selfies because we want all attention to be on us….and whatever blurred background and sometimes witty caption we associate it with.

We are able to brag, glorify, and exhibit our lives, of which really aren’t that “hip” anyways.

Are we really living our lives anymore if we are too busy making it into a reality TV show? Do we record the concert rather than just sit, listen, and enjoy?

I’m genuinely curious because I’m guilty of a sometimes an over-the-top snap story, Instagram picture of myself, or yes….videoing an entire Kings of Leon concert.

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