Weather or Not to Check the Weather.

I always dress poorly for the weather conditions.

I’ll wake up, check the weather, and then with my poor judgement, walk out of my apartment in shorts and a long-sleeve shirt… 30 degree weather. Or in the summer, I’m sporting a fleece and leggings in 100 degrees!!!! WOO GO ME.

However my point today is not about my idiotic fashion sense, but the minor detail in the beginning of my rant. One of the first things I did was check the weather.

So it didn’t surprise me when I read the statistic in the Huffington Post that the Number One Smartphone Use is: Checking the Weather. It isn’t Instagram, it isn’t YouTube, or editing pictures…..but is the mere weather.

I mean, it would make sense to me if weather apps were the most checked during times of abnormal weather. This week I’ve checked the weather a thousand times to check the hourly forecast for the chance of snow. One, because I’m from the beach, so I pee my pants every time there’s a slight possibility of snow….as well as wear my underwear inside out…I mean what…..and two, because snow means snow day, which in turn means NO SCHOOL.

However an Online Publication Association study reported that: 29 percent of smartphone users check the local news, 31 percent look predominantly at videos, and 47 percent use their phones for the simple task of checking the weather.

This connects to the fact that media users utilize technology just to get information. They want information readily available at their fingertips and want more crucial information than knowing weather or not to bring an umbrella. Apparently, again referring to the OPA study, 93 percent of users said they use smartphones the most for “accessing content and information.”

This weather study concludes the future of technology. Humans want information easily accessible. They want to be able to think it and then it be there… I think future devices will be created to provide these utilities.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with the OPA statistic? Do you check the weather a lot? Do you agree that people just want information there and now?


One thought on “Weather or Not to Check the Weather.”

  1. I check the weather a lot on my smartphone – even when I can look outside the window and see it. I’m not surprised that the weather is the number one use people have for their smartphone, but it usually isn’t very engaging. Like I don’t spend hours scrolling through forecasts and temperatures. So while I use it every day, I don’t spend that much time on it. It would be interesting to see what their study really concluded. I couldn’t imagine not having information, especially the weather, at my fingertips. So thankful we don’t have to spend our lives waiting for the “weather on the ones!”


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