Monkey See, Monkey Do?

Some people claim they aren’t affected by the media. They get their news from a variety of different sources and then “pick apart what’s true.”

However “what’s true” is usually influenced and swayed by individuals’ opinions. People’s personal opinions are not just a combination of their parents, friends, environment and experiences, but also are products of what media has created.

The truth is the media does create personal opinion.

This foundation is built during all of our young lives. In every action movie, Little Johnny (the stereotypical, 7-year-old boy who sports a red cap and carries a Babe Ruth signed baseball in his pocket) wants the hero to win.

However…….how does this hero win? Kill the bad guy. Unforgiving violence and a lack of understanding are really some of the main messages promoted here, and thus kids think violence is OK.

Then, switching gears, the harmless comedy movies affect us as well.

I find this evidence first hand, when I’m watching Saturday Night Live with my dad.

If we’re watching any episode from before 1980, my dad dies of laughter. He’ll quote random episodes from the 1970s when he calls me, or asks me if I’ve seen THAT episode……yes dad, I remember when it aired in 1976…ANYWAYS…When we watch current episodes, I’m the only one laughing and then proceed in explaining the joke.

SO why do we have a comical communication gap?

We have been trained by the media, television, and Hollywood (interpret these titles how you want) to think something is funny by our generation.

Jerry Lewis films (1950s) are funny to the viewers of that generation who find being goofy, silly, and acting like a complete buffoon is funny. I mean…I’m a huge fan…but I’m the old soul who also prefers records and watches Gregory Peck, black and white films on the weekends.

Our humor today is much more vulgar, sexual, and politically dry…or at least we can say that if we get our evidence from SNL.

The media culture has slyly created our personal sense of humor and someday our random YouTube videos (“sitting on the toilet,” “Charlie bit my finga,” etc.) will not be amusing to our kids.

Who knows what they’ll find funny? I guess the media overlords do….

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