Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

Let’s first begin with a personal anecdote.

*Cue mellow jazz music, accompanied by on-going snaps from the audience*

I was sitting in the Undergraduate Library yesterday, trying to do homework, when my friend looked up and asked me:
“Tala….when do the Grammy Awards air?”

Immediately I embarked on a quest to find out when the date was.

So who did I call? Not ghostbusters (I know you guys just sang that in your head) but rather my faithful, trusted, and sly connection: Google.

However, when I went to type “Grammy date,” I consequently got the loading page icon.

Three seconds past and sweat began to form on my upper lip. Four seconds and I got pit stains. Five seconds, and I closed my computer and just simply responded to my friend:

“I don’t know.”

Well the Grammy Awards are today (surprise), February 8th, but that’s not the point.

The point is the internet speed was so slow and for someone clearly as impatient as I (to start uncontrollably sweating in the course of a second), it simply was/is a risk to my health.

So, me being me, I started researching internet speed nationwide and discovered that some individual states’s internet speed are faster than some entire countries.

For example: Delaware has faster internet than all of South Korea. North Carolina (woot woot), has faster internet speed than Canada.

How does this make you guys feel? Do you think it should be equal? What are steps to improve our internet speeds?

I wonder with the future new neutrality and internet reforms if this will change.

Of course, when I say faster, this is by a second. However again….I’m impatient!

Curious to see where you face on the internet speed scale? Here’s the link to the article. I included it at the bottom of my post so you were forced to read it muahahha.


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