How to Lose 20 lbs Just with the Snap of a Picture

“All we heard people say was was ‘delete that, don’t you dare tag me in that, this is horrible.'” Susan Green, founder of the app “SkinneePix,” said.

Green, and her co-founder Robin J. Phillips, noticed this on-going trend in womens’ raging concern with how they look in pictures. That’s how they got the idea to create SkinneePix, the app that allows you to lose 5-15 lbs just with the click of a button.

Now I know that every girl reading this knows what I’m talking about when I deem this phenomenon: The Editing Culture.

*Please add this term in Merriam Websters*

There isn’t ONE picture, on Facebook, Instagram (especially) or at times even SnapChat that doesn’t have a filter on it. And if it doesn’t have a filter, there is consequently a #nofilter followed in the caption.

The honest truth is that today’s society has imbedded in every girl that they are not perfect the way they are. Without a filter and no physical edit, we feel as though we simply aren’t good enough.

SkinneePix does not help diminish this problem, but feeds it.

The fact that this app is made to help girls look skinnier aids the idea that “skinny is beautiful” and feeds girls’ inherent “self hate” body image.

This is simply NOT OK.

Of course, if I, a mere 20 year old blogger, can notice the problem with this app, then you guys can guess that many others have as well.

Green says her app motivates girls to lose that weight to feel better about themselves….however, in today’s society, is “feeling better” about ourselves even a possibility?

What do you all think. As you lay on a chaise longue (translation: the lounge chair in a psychologist’s office), how does this make you feel.

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