Sound the Alarm.

My alarm goes off in the morning at 7:28. I, of course, turn it off and set a new alarm for 7:37…then 7:49, 7:56, and then finally spring out of bed, praying to God I’ll make it to class on time.

The alarm clock’s ring ties with a baby cry on the Most Irritating Sounds Ever list.

I think it’s safe to say NO ONE really has a great relationship with their alarm clocks, whether they use their phone, watch or actual alarm clock device.

However, then it dawned on me, in the midst of my angry thoughts directed towards the piercing sound:

How in the world did we wake up before alarm clocks?!

Well turns out my thought was not as revolutionary as I thought it was….and as I’m sure you all thought as well.

The only reason I could think of was a rooster associated with the classic, “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!” However, this only accounted for Old McDonald and everyone else that lived on a farm back then.

According to the article above, people used methods all the way from paying the “Knocker-Up” to training their own bladders.

I won’t take away from the author of this article, so you’ll just have to read it, but I thought I’d allow you to sleep more soundly tonight knowing this crucial piece of information…..

….well I guess sleep more soundly till the next brutal alarm at 7:28.

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