“Call Me, Beep Me, If Ya Wanna Reach Me”

As I sat in class today, allowing my mind to wander to every other possible place BUT the class (I mean what…), I diverted down memory lane.

Down memory lane, before teenage years street, in the middle of elementary school boulevard, I walked right into the Disney Channel show “Kim Possible.” Then of course, its hit theme song started playing in my mind.

“Call me, BEEP…….me…..”

I suddenly realized that Kim Possible, the hip, technologically savvy, agent, used a beeper…

For all you readers that don’t know what a beeper is or does……well I don’t know either. But I do know what they look like.

The fact that a TV show as popular as Kim Possible was centered around a defunct device is mind blowing.

Disney Channel launched Kim Possible in 2007. This was only just 8 years ago. However, now even the thought of a beeper seems ancient.

The beeper is just an example of an evolving device.

It is the “has been” celebrity. It is the record, cassette and CD of the music world. It is the MySpace of social media. It is the days of the week underwear from 6th grade.

My dad is a doctor. So let me tell you, the beep is the soundtrack to many of my nightmares. However the “beep” has been replaced by the iPhone standard “buzz” that’s spawn from his belt.

Will we be laughing at the “A” “Pretty Little Liars’s” texts in the future? Will we applaud “That’s So Raven” for coming up with the concept of “seeing the future” way before her time?

I guess we will just have to see.


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