Never Snap without a Geofilter Again

After taking a somewhat “OK” picture of yourself (aka 1/100), you may proceed in flipping through the filters.

Black and white, color enhancer, the mph, the temperature and lastly, the geofilter.

Chapel Hill has recently acquired one, however SnapChat has still neglected to create most places.

As I googled the possibilities of mending this life threatening situation, assuming the role of Super Hero, Wonder Woman, Saint, or whatever other title along that level you may choose to give me, I came across this article:

This life changing tutorial allows you to create your OWN geofilter. No longer can SnapChat deem what city or region is important for you.

2015 is all about the individual and if a social media portal is trying to tell you your city, or location is unimportant, then RISE UP (alert: may have just included unnecessary aggression in that last sentence).


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