PINpoint Destination

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m the type of person to get lost all the time.

Whether it’s simple directions down the street, to a home, with a house number clearly displayed on the front door or finding a McDonalds off the highway exit, I tend to always have severe difficulty.

My life was a constant game of seeking people, places and things that weren’t even hiding.

However, as the famous lyrics of the gospel song, “Amazing Grace,” claim: “I was lost, but now I’m found.”

I was saved by Apple’s Maps App feature: Pin Drop

The first time I met Pin Drop was in Soho in New York City. My friend, who, unlike me didn’t have a directional disorder, was in small boutique nearby.

After a series of progressively frustrating texts, she eventually just “dropped a pin” of her location through the Maps app.

I finally got myself together, stopped hyperventilating, left the same street I had been walking up and down on for the past (no joke) hour and found my friend.

No applause necessary. Stop throwing roses at your computer screen.

Our daily lives consist of eating, sleeping, breathing and interacting with people. In order to interact, we have to first find these people. We won’t always have the department store intercoms we used to page our moms, and this is where Pin Drop comes to our rescue….well at least mine.

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